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Illinois college counselors to state: Call off SAT graduation requirement

Chicago families: How is virtual special education going for your child?

Illinois wants to delay decision on spring testing, keep fall kindergarten assessment 

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A fraction of Chicago students flagged for summer school completed it

For parents of children with disabilities, remote learning feels like another full-time job

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Many Illinois schools are closed, but the SAT goes on. Why that’s a problem for some.

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I’m a Chicago principal overwhelmed by ‘what ifs.’ Here’s how I got unstuck. 

I’ve reached out to my network, created a self-care jar, and helped teachers reframe their narratives about the coming school year.

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When a child’s first teacher is onscreen: In Chicago, questions about the payoff of virtual preschool

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More than 250 Chicago school employees tested positive for COVID-19 since March, new data show

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How this Chicago special education teacher helps students build connections, even remotely

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For some Chicago high school students, remote learning brings a new school struggle: motivation

Hay incredulidad sobre la oferta de internet gratuito para ciertos alumnos de CPS

More than 80% of Chicago students logged on for the first day of virtual learning, but some schools struggled more than others

Is a six-hour school day too much? Families cope with realities of virtual learning

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A nationwide divide: Hispanic and Black students more likely than white students to start the year online

The pattern generally holds across cities, towns, suburbs and rural areas, an analysis by The Associated Press and Chalkbeat finds.

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Teachers: It’s time to talk about our secondary trauma

Educators need mental health supports. Here’s how Chicago schools could make a difference.

Connect with your community

Find upcoming Chicago events

Vence obstáculos, el empeño de Chicago en comprar computadoras para el aprendizaje por remoto. Nuevos retos para este otoño.

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Chicago is spending $50M to get low-income students online. What if parents don’t trust a free deal?

The "Chicago Connected" initiative so far signed up a quarter of the 100,000 students that officials estimate can benefit from it, but enrollments have picked up.

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‘We are all first-year teachers today’: Chicago educators start unprecedented school year with ambitions, questions

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For many Chicago communities, there is no COVID safety net. So teachers are stepping in. 

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8 things we’re watching as Chicago starts the school year remotely

Chicago reports record-high graduation rate after pandemic interrupted spring learning

Should teachers be evaluated during a pandemic? Illinois unions say no

Want to serve on a Local School Council? District offers a second chance

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Chicago Public Schools to expand free meal sites for fall

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A smoother summer school experience in Chicago, but no data on who benefited

How a legal fight over private school dollars could impact Illinois’ largest districts

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Labor tension builds between Chicago, unions over staffing student-less school buildings

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School reopening tracker: Students in Wheaton protest remote learning, Chicago ends first week

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Teachers need training to improve pandemic learning. Many are still waiting.

Chicago’s push to buy computers for remote learning hit snags. New challenges await this fall.

Illinois districts face looming tech costs, fiscal uncertainty.

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Chicago board keeps school police contract but promises new safety plan 

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