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Illinois educators: Is your district adequately preparing you for fall?

Illinois has recommended that districts use professional development days to train educators on the unprecedented school year ahead.
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For the more than two million students in the state, returning to school this fall will be far from normal, with desks six feet apart and live video instruction. Districts have had months to prepare educators for this historic fall — but are they doing enough?

Some districts will offer in-person classes with restrictions, while others — including Chicago Public Schools, as of Wednesday — will provide entirely remote instruction to start. Already, district leaders across the state have promised families that remote classes will not be a continuation of the spring.

The state has recommended that all districts use professional development days to train educators on instructional methods and materials, health and safety protocols, and the mental health needs of students. As districts gear up for the fall and release reopening plans, Chalkbeat wants to hear from teachers about how their school districts are training them for these unprecedented times and whether the training has been beneficial.

Tell us about the state of professional development in your school or district. What kind of training has your district given you, if any? What kind of support would you like to see in order to feel better equipped for the fall?

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