Chicago’s office that manages special education hasn’t had a chief since June. Now the board of education is searching for the next department head and asking the public for its input on who the next chief should be.
Shipments of the new COVID vaccine are expected to arrive in the coming weeks and should be “plentiful” by early October, public health officials said this week.
Families use the application for entry to a variety of schools, including selective test-in schools and neighborhood schools outside of their attendance boundaries.
Illinois Action for Children’s report on child care in Cook County found that federal emergency relief funds allowed many providers to keep their doors open. However, families still face barriers to get affordable care.
The shift raises questions about who schools are serving, how they should be resourced, and what the district — and the city — can do as it continues to lose students.
The inspector general found they fraudulently got federal loans during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
The Parent Mentor Program started in Chicago in 1995. After 28 years, the program has expanded to over 2,000 parents at almost 230 schools around the state. On Friday, the program kicked off the new school year welcoming parent mentors back to the classroom at a celebration at Harry S. Truman Community College.
Illinois lawmakers and school officials want the state to increase funding for school meals to provide meals for all students regardless of income.
Jianan Shi describes himself as “an immigrant that’s fallen in love with Chicago.” Here’s why he feels “the urgency of this work,” and what he plans to do about it.
Blaming a driver shortage, the district decided this year to limit bus transportation to students with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness.
Families of transgender youth are moving to Illinois, where state law protects gender-affirming medical care and encourages inclusive school policies.
As new members join Chicago mayor’s youth commission, Chalkbeat Chicago spoke to two teens who have served on the group, advising city leadership on education.
District officials said 47 students with disabilities have bus rides longer than an hour. It’s a steep decline from last year when more than 3,000 had hour-plus commutes.
Teachers, parents and union organizers said they are managing the tough conditions, but it’s time for the district to commit to long-term upgrades instead of “quick fixes and bandaids.”
Ahora que se acerca el primer día de clases, esto es lo que sabemos sobre los recursos bilingües y los estudiantes de inglés en las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago.

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It took a few days, but the girls who are staying at a local police station with their families are now officially enrolled in Chicago Public Schools.
An email to parents outlined Chicago Public Schools plan for Wednesday and Thursday when temperatures are forecast to be close to 100 degrees.
Navarro completed a year of training through Chicago Public Schools’ Teacher Residency program. Now he teaches as a special education teacher at Finkl Academy, where he previously worked as a paraprofessional.
The Illinois State Board of Education has issued several warnings to Chicago Public Schools to comply with state law governing restraint and timeout. Chicago said that it is in compliance as of Monday.
As roughly 320,000 students went back to class across Chicago, the district faces a number of challenges for the new school year.
The Illinois Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity report found that about an additional 500 students who already work in early childhood education enrolled in college.
The issues include the city’s precarious funding situation, enrollment shifts, and what support will look like for migrant students.
A new study lays bare the realities of gun violence in Chicago.
While COVID-19 testing and vaccinations are widely available, contracting the virus is still a concern for students — especially for those who are medically fragile
More than 5,000 new English learners enrolled in Chicago schools last year. With the first day of school rapidly approaching, a Chalkbeat analysis found a complicated picture of bilingual staffing resources at the district.
Block Club’s guide will help you donate or receive free school supplies and backpacks before CPS kids head to class Aug. 21.
Due to a drop in low-income student enrollment and an increase in local property values, the district could continue to get a smaller share of new state dollars.
Teachers discuss their first day-of-school memories, favorite supplies, and what they are looking forward to this school year.
Dolton-Riverdale, a high-poverty elementary district, is installing touch screens, cameras, and other technology to make hybrid learning easier.
The findings suggest that schools can benefit from more empowered principals, who are “closer to the ground” and may have a better sense than district leaders of what their students need.
The district’s preliminary scores on the Illinois Assessment of Readiness show improvement after COVID-era dips.
With only half of the 1,300 drivers needed to transport students who require bus service, Chicago said it will instead prioritize transportation for students with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness.
Mayor Brandon Johnson and his team want to grow the Sustainable Community Schools program, a partnership with the Chicago Teachers Union.
This month, for the first time in nearly three decades, the federal government restored Pell Grants to incarcerated people. But availability of program spots and systemic educational issues could keep many people in prison from actually enrolling this fall.
The findings suggest that white and more affluent parents are more likely to have access to accurate LSC information and fully seated LSCs.
Illinois schools are set to welcome back schools to classrooms as summer comes to a close. Chalkbeat Chicago wants to cover topics that are important to parents, students, and educators throughout the year. Let us know what we should cover this year.
About 350 teens and young adults gathered at Harold Washington Library to discuss mental health, affordable housing, the environment, and more.
At the first official meeting of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s handpicked school board, the new members announced several changes to encourage more transparency and public participation, including an increase in the number of speakers allowed each month.
Some 17,000 students and 1,500 staff would scatter to schools across Chicago. Many others would leave the district altogether.
Con libros, arepas y apoyo académico: estas maestras están ayudando a estudiantes refugiados recién llegados a prepararse para el año escolar dándoles un sentido de familiaridad y naturalidad.
Chicago must train school staff on student restraint and timeout to comply with state law. It’s unclear how many are currently trained or if the district will meet the state-imposed deadline.
As board members introduced themselves, some noted how they’ve shifted from being vocal critics of the system to positions of power.
Thousands of school-aged children are among the new migrant arrivals and enrolling them into local public schools is a priority for the city of Chicago. The new “welcome center” will help newcomer families get help signing up for school, making medical and dental appointments, and enrolling in public benefits, such as food assistance and Medicaid.
The invitation to discuss the budget comes as Johnson tries to involve young people in government decision making.
‘These children are coming from a lot of trauma, and the first thing cannot be academics,’ said Sol Camano, a bilingual Chicago educator.