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Los niños de Chicago deben aprender sobre la tortura policial. ¿Cómo se les enseña?

William Weaver, un maestro de historia, dice que aunque el plan de estudios es obligatorio, se preocupa que algunos profesores se muestren reticentes a enseñarlo.

Chicago kids are required to learn about police torture. So how’s it being taught?

History teacher William Weaver says even though the curriculum is mandatory, he worries some teachers are reluctant to teach it.

The struggle to close reading gaps in a pandemic year is real. Just ask Chicago parents.

The crucial process of learning to read was made even more complicated this year by remote learning and wide-ranging inconsistency in how Chicago schools teach reading.

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Parents, teachers wonder what’s next after Chicago schools chief Janice Jackson says she’s leaving district

Chicago schools chief Janice Jackson stepping down, part of wave of exits in district leadership ranks

1 in 5 Chicago high school students absent in first week of reopening 

Chicago reopened high schools this week. Here’s what we’re watching.

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‘Adam should be alive today’: How Chicago teachers are talking about a 13-year-old’s killing

Student questions have underscored the weights they are already carrying: grief from a year of COVID-19 and uncertainties about their own futures.

Jackson says goal is to reopen Chicago schools full time — but when?

Final high school vote caps long and disruptive reopening journey in Chicago