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Urban Prep leaders blasted the vote by CPS board members and claimed long-standing unfair treatment by the district.
Illinois education advocates gathered for a press conference on Tuesday morning to pressure the state to add more money to the state’s evidence-based funding formula to fully fund schools by 2027.
Vaccine mandates, greener schools, mental health supports are among Chicago teachers union recommendations
Gov. J.B. Pritzker names Steven Isoye, former teacher, principal, and superintendent from Chicago suburbs, to chair Illinois state board of education
A decade after Illinois took over North Chicago School District 187, the state board of education says it is looking into transitioning the district to an elected school board. The question still remains when it will happen.
According to the Illinois board of education’s funding formula, Chicago will receive a smaller than expected share of new state education funding this year.
After blowing past a midnight deadline on Friday, Illinois lawmakers emerged with a budget plan that includes more money for K-12 education with tax relief and direct checks to families.
Meet the man pulled from retirement to replace CPS CEO Janice Jackson — at least for the next month
A bill moving to the Illinois House would require schools to remove language from their policies or handbooks that prohibits students from wearing Black hairstyles.
Illinois annual report card is the most detailed look at how the state’s nearly 2 million students are faring in public schools. But this year, the report is missing several critical data points, including assessments.
School boards in Chicago and Illinois have cut short time to hear public comment — just as public concern and questions about education have grown.
The Chicago Teachers Union is facing a steep challenge from a deadly virus, statewide school closures, and an economic recession.
Illinois’ Superintendent Carmen Ayala is leading the charge to ensure that all students will continue “learning without adding stress or harm to lives,” during unprecedented time.
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Illinois will receive $569.5 million in emergency school funds from the federal government to spend on its schools’ coronavirus response.
The funds could also cover future needs like computers and iPads for students who need them to engage in remote learning during an extended school closure.
Profound income disparities among its students and the size of the district pose a challenge as Chicago seeks to roll out an effective and equitable e-learning strategy.
The exception to this new procedure will be emergency personnel like janitors, kitchen staff, and security guards, who will be distributing food from school buildings until April 20.
In an era when assessments and accountability loom large, could immediate fixes to the school ratings process inform longer-term changes?
As the number of the new coronavirus cases worldwide continues to rise, we are monitoring the impact on Chicago schools and their families and will post updates here. Illinois is one of 35 states with confirmed cases,
The school district said it will seek a one-year waiver from the state to suspend school ratings and spring standardized testing. Under the proposal, ratings from the current year would be carried forward.
It was the first use of the Illinois Board of Education’s newly restored, but controversial, authority.
Whil closed for the coronavirus, Chicago Public Schools will coordinate food distribution centers, run drop-off child care programs at 18 parks, and send home schoolwork
Some school districts will cut back on student programs. Others will put off hiring staff. How Illinois school districts are rethinking next school year’s budget.