This will be the third year the district will chip in for its employees’ pensions, an expense the city has previously handled.
The district has only spent 12%, or $62.9 million, on a program to address the pandemic’s academic and mental health harms.
Chicago Public Schools has traditionally started after Labor Day weekend, but will now align its academic year with other suburban districts, local colleges, and universities.
Under a proposed calendar, the 2022-2023 academic year would kick off on Aug. 22 and end on June 7.
Despite providing services for 715 students with disabilities since the last board meeting, CPS still has more than 1,000 general education students without reliable transportation to school.
This is the first time CPS families have been invited to weigh in on the calendar, which would keep the academic year similar to the 2021-22 year or move the start date a week early.
Months into the new year, 3,800 students are still without reliable bus service.
Dozens of speakers, testifying at the state board’s first in-person meeting after a one-month break, urged the board to reconsider the mask mandate it issued earlier this month.
The debate over whether Chicago should embrace an elected school board has a new twist: A mayor-backed proposal for a hybrid board that would continue to give City Hall influence.
The Illinois State Board of Education said Thursday during a monthly board meeting that an estimated 35,822 students, or 1.9%, left public schools this year.
Should Illinois put into place more stringent high school graduation requirements amid a pandemic and a teacher shortage?
The bill would have established a 21-member board of education in Chicago starting in 2023.
The players, the policy issues, the potential length: Here’s what we know so far about the potential walkout of 25,000 teachers in Chicago.
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